Simple Design

Our patented design utilizes a PVC coated, flexible spring steel frame that requires no attachment hardware. This makes installation and removal a one person job.

Easy to Use
Don’t overthink this. Simply hold the screen in your hands, flex the sides in, and fit FlexScreen into your screen track. To remove the screen, press one hand in the center of the screen until the frame flexes enough to wrap your other hand around it. It really is this easy…and it can be done from inside the home.

Damage Resistant
FlexScreen is built with a solid core frame that won’t twist or break like traditional window screens. Backed by the strength of steel and durability of PVC, the frame is tough enough to resist denting and scratching as well.

Beautifully Invisible
When installed in a window, FlexScreen nearly disappears from sight allowing more daylight to filter in while drastically improving the view through the glass. Your windows will look larger and the curb appeal is amazing.