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GAF Timberline HD

  • #1-selling shingles in North America available with a Lifetime ltd. warranty (See GAF Shingle and Accessory Ltd. Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.)64 pieces per square/3 bundles per square
  • Dura Grip™ Adhesive grips tightly even in strong gale-force winds to reduce the risk of shingle blow-off


  • 8-in exposure means fewer pieces to install (vs typical cut-up strip shingles)
  • Dramatic look: extra-thick, double-layer design is thicker than cut-up strip shingles, for a distinctive upscale look
  • Stays in place: Dura Grip Self-Seal adhesive seals each piece tightly and helps reduce shingle blow-off

GAF Pro-Start

  • For use with most standard English and Metric-sized shingles
  • Saves you time and labor: no more wasted time cutting your own starter strips
  • Easy to install: Up to 71% more coverage per bundle (versus using cut-up strip shingles) means less to carry and handle on the roof

GAF Weather Watch

  • Looks better: fiberglass reinforcement helps resist wrinkling/buckling and lies flat under shingles
  • Protection against ice dams; is required wherever the January average temperature is 25° F or lower or where there is a possibility of ice forming in the eaves (check local building codes for specifications in your area)
  • Dependable: self-seals around nails or metal roofing fasteners

GAF Feltbuster

  • Enhanced Walkability — Special spunbound surface helps provide increased traction versus typical asphalt felts
  • Tough Synthetic Construction — Resists tearing and will not absorb moisture, become brittle, or leach oils
  • Cooler to Work On — Medium-gray surface is up to 30 degrees cooler than typical black asphalt felts (Based on GAF testing with

IKO Roofing


PRO4 - Roofing SystemEverything You Need in One Roofing System

The PRO 4 complete roofing system shows how elements of your roof work together to protect you and your home. A complete roofing system ensures your roof’s optimum performance.

Besides, roof accessories such as ridge cap roofing shingles can ultimately increase the curb appeal of your home.

Because we’ve solely focused on roofing supplies for 60 years , we’ve been able to set the standard on roofing technology with some of the heaviest shingles in the marketplace – designed to keep your roof secure against the challenges of ice, rain, hail, windstorms, algae and UV rays.

Along with one of IKO’S QUALITY SHINGLES: Crowne Slate, Armourshake, Royal Estate, Grandeur SBS, Cambridge AR and Marathon, your PRO4 System includes these accessory products:



Cambridge AR - Feattured color DriftwoodCambridge

Architectural Shingles

Turn your Roof Replacement Into A Curb Appeal Opportunity: Add Architectural Accent to Any House With Cambridge Shingles

Whether you need to match the classic style of a heritage home or add contemporary class to a modern residence, Cambridge architectural shingles make roof replacements an exciting endeavor. Find the color scheme you imagined and increase the beauty of your home with this impressive selection of unique and subtle colors.

Cambridge’s heavy shingle weight is designed to put up more resistance against weather and the test of time.

Enjoy complete peace of mind when you replace you roof: choose
a top-notch complete roofing system and carefully select your roofing contractor.

  • Classic, long-term style to suit any home’s architectural style.
  • Huge color selections to match your existing look.
  • Choose a trusted contractor: look at IKO’s list of approved, professional certified roofers.




Standard Ice & Water Protector

The Ultimate Shield for Your Roof’s Defense

Our StormShield™ Ice & Water Protector is a modified bitumen roll roofing product with a self-adhesive backing protected by a silicone-treated release sheet, which is easily removed during installation. StormShield™ consists of a resilient, non-woven glass fiber mat, which is permeated and coated with SBS modified bitumen and is sanded on its top to provide a non-slip surface. It is used for waterproofing under shingled roofs preventing water penetration due to ice dams or wind-driven rain. It can also be used as an underlayment around chimneys, dormers, vent stacks, skylights and other roof-top structures or apertures, around doors and windows.



RoofGard-Cool Grey

Synthetic Underlayment

Light & Cool For Simple Installation

Our RoofGard-Cool Grey rolls are lighter and easier to handle making it faster to install. The synthetic, non-breathable material provides a superior slip resistant surface and won’t crack, peel or delaminate. It is easy to install around vents, dormers, and other roof structures. And since it’s grey instead of black, it absorbs less of the sun’s radiant heat. This makes it much more comfortable for your installers in hot weather, keeping the air temperature above the roof deck cooler. Lay lines every 1″ aid in shingle course alignment.


RoofGard-Cool Grey Brochure


Armour Starter

Roof Starters

Enhance Your Roof’s Appearance with Armour Starter

Our Armour Starter is a flat strip embedded with granules that match the colors of the Armourshake shingle, which is placed beneath the cutouts after applying a starter strip. Not only does this facilitate installation, it further enhances the dimensional appearance of the roofing shingles.


Hip & Ridge 12

Ridge Cap Shingles

Perforated Design. Three Strips Out of One Shingle

Why waste time cutting up shingles to protect those vulnerable hip and ridge areas? IKO has a better-looking, much easier alternative with Hip & Ridge 12 cap shingles. They are lightweight and perforated to give you 3 pieces from one shingle. Hip & Ridge 12 cap shingle feature an IKO-SBS modified adhesive sealant for maximum wind protection.