Bob & Sue Nestel, New Fairfield, CT

A successful contracting job is based on the contractor communicating and working with the customer to accomplish the following things:

* Responsiveness – Responds to a request in a timely manner, via phone or e-mail within a day.
* Clarity – The contractor translates the thoughts of the customer into a concise set of parameters.
* Problem Solving – Problems are reviewed and solved early on.
* Compromise – Parameters, Problems and Pricing are reviewed and compromises agreed upon.
* Scheduling – A realistic schedule for starting and completion are established.
* Pricing – A firm price is documented based on the parameters, problems, compromises, and
Scheduling that has been agreed upon.
* Workmanship – The work is performed by people who are trained, understand any unique
Requirements of the particular job, have a sense of responsibility to do a good job, have their
Activities coordinated, and the site is made neat and picked up at the end of each day.
* Follow Up- When the job is completed there is a walk through, review and any things needing
Attention are noted and corrected.
* Billing- The final bill details the work performed and the final price documented clearly and
Includes any contractor or manufacturer warranties.

In each of the several jobs Avalon has performed for us they have not only met but exceeded our expectations in all nine aspects noted.

* When we considered purchasing replacement storm windows Avalon not only supplied windows
with which, after a eighteen months we are happy, but they solved a problem with how to rehang
Curtain rods in the new frames. Other contractors said it was our problem. The curtain people told
us they would charge $1,100 to provide replacement hardware and hang the curtains.

* We were having a problem with warping of vinyl siding that was believed to be caused by
Reflection from a skylight. Avalon suggested a domed replacement to reduce the reflection.

* We experienced algae growth on the roof shingles in areas that receive little direct sunlight.
Avalon suggested and installed zinc strips near the top roof line to reduce this problem.

* To help hold the line on cost while replacing a large roof Avalon worked with us to find a way to
reduce the cost by not stripping the single layer of shingles from the garage roof. A nice savings.

* When surveying the roof Avalon noted the chimney needed repair and coordinated the repairs
With another contractor.

* The heavy snows and ice of Feb. resulted in reports of roof failures. I contacted Avalon and the
next day the roof was cleared of snow and pellets applied to the rain gutters to facilitate thawing
and a reduction in the risk of water backing up into the living space.

* While doing other work I asked if they could add a job of replacing a basement stairway railing with rails that were more hand friendly on each side of the stairway. Avalon did a beautiful job that has made using the stairs much safer for us.

In conclusion, Avalon has met or exceeded our expectations in every job for responsiveness, material, workmanship, and follow up, and will, therefore, be our first choice for any future work